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It was a good experience at the beauty treatment clinic-workers were very careful and professional as well as very accommodating.




The amenities and the hospital staff was very good.All the details were thought through from laundry rooms and bathroom to private rooms.This is an amazing facility and I’ve been recommending everyone I know to consider this clinic.


It was difficult because it was a C-section and the extra procedure. I felt awake for the whole operation but did not feel the pain-numbing worked well. Nurses were very caring and professional.


I’m very pleased with my experience here at Ai Ladies Clinic. I wish everyone could have a wonderful experience(post-partum).



Congratulations to your newest family member!

Thank you for choosing Ai Ladies Clinic.
We are thrilled to provide you prenatal services and share in the excitement of watching your baby’s development during your pregnancy.
We understand how difficult it is for you to deliver your child in a different country and with a different culture and different medical standards of care than you may be familiar with. Thank you very much for your patience in working through the language barriers with our medical support staff and your commitment to your baby’s development here at AI Ladies Clinic.

Your beautiful baby girl’s birth was a repeat C-section. The surgery took a little longer than normal as we performed adhesion surgery techniques. It was a very difficult and complicated operation. As soon as your baby girl was delivered to the world she cried very loud and what a great sign for a healthy baby!! It was a very precious moment. Your husband was very supportive and did a great job cutting the cord. You recovered from your operation very quickly although you needed to rest for the first night of the operation day because of the anesthesia. You are a very strong woman! We are very proud of you. You took care of your baby quickly and took advantage of the opportunity to room with your baby during your stay. Oh! Thank you for playing guitar and performing a small concert for our staff and other patients. We really enjoyed it.

It was wonderful sharing the experience of child delivery with you and wish you and your happy family the best wishes in the future. We look forward to seeing you over the next 12 months to see your baby develop, health checkups, and for required immunization visits. Congratulations!