Aさん 産後アンケート


Breakfast→Fresh juice, Yogurt, Broccoli, French Toast, Bacon
Dinner→Beef and vegetable


online research -Facebook
Friend(Okinawa Native) told me about your clinic

overall i am happy; however, there were moments
where i found my self frustrated and stressed
due to lack of communication by the staff.

At first, I was very nervous, but after everything, I am very pleased with my experience.
I do think more details should be given about
What is going on


・Clean ・Doctor’s skill ・Trust
(コミュニケーションがうまくとれなかったが、スタッフも技術が高いことは分かる ので信頼できた!!)

Thank you for everything even when I was being a difficult patient.
You all are amazing!! (^^)

Congratulation on your newest family member!
Thank you for choosing at Ai Ladies Clinic.
We are thrilled to provide you prenatal services and share in the excitement of watching your baby’s development during your last ultrasound appointment.
We are completely impressed with your independence, doing everything yourself in the absence of your fiancé during your last appointment.

We understand how difficult it is for you to deliver your child in different country and with a different culture and different medical standards of care than you may be familiar with. We think that you are one of the bravest mothers we have ever seen. Thank you very much for your patience in working through the language barriers with our medical support staff and your commitment to your baby’s development here at AI Ladies Clinic.

We tried to do as you wished and wait for natural birth, with no induced labor or C-section as the Doctor had recommended. Your contractions came during the time of the super typhoon scheduled to hit to Okinawa. We are sure this will always be associated with your memories of birthing your child. You did amazing job! You stayed very calm and be strong. Your cervix dilated for almost 10cm, but your baby was too big and the cord was too short for the baby to come down quickly and safely. We had to switch to emergency C-section. Everything happened very fast, but we remember when your baby cried loud and strong. During the procedure Dr. Hojo found uterine fibroid. It is as if your baby wanted you to be aware of this problem and keep you healthy.

It was wonderful sharing the experience of child delivery with you and wish you and your happy family the best wishes in the future. We look forward to seeing you over the next 12 months to see your baby develop, health checkups, and for required immunization visits. Congratulations!